“Being a partner in a MY FOUNDATION children's village is a way to change the future, child by child. Join us and be a part of the change."

- Remee S. Jackman & Mathilde Gøhler
  Founders af MY FOUNDATION


The idea of MY FOUNDATION emerged well over five years ago where Remee S. Jackman and Mathilde Gøhler, as ambassadors for the SOS Children’s Villages, visited the children’s village Buru Buru and Nairobi’s slum. Experiencing the heartbreaking conditions for the orphans in the slum was a game changer for the couple and especially for Remee S. Jackman beeing a former orphan himself.

During this trip it became obvious to the couple what a big difference you can make in a child’s life by giving them a loving SOS mother and family, and helping the families having lots of love but lack money to support their loved ones. They started fundraising money for project families in the slum and started upgrading the village of Buru Buru by every euro raised. With donations from friends, family and caring spirits all over the world they have managed to raise a total of € 62,680, and build music, dance and computer facilities, hire a teacher for the new facilities and upgrade the library among many other things. It is by this example that the idea of being a partner of a SOS village and fundraising for your village that MY FOUNDATION was established.


You can support MY FOUNDATION’s general work for a better world for vulnerable children and disadvantaged, in collaboration with SOS Children’s Villages or choose to be a MY FOUNDATION partner for in a children’s village. You or your company will become lead sponsor of a SOS Children’s Village for € 50,000. Through your partnership you help support the operation of the children’s village and also have the opportunity to earmark selected projects in your village – such as a new playground, an upgraded football field, computers and computer education or another change, that you or your business are passionate about.



We work in collaboration with SOS Children’s Villages, the world’s largest NGO for orphans and abandoned children. For more than 70 years, they have worked to ensure children’s rights and well-being in 136 countries around the world. We are very proud to have the SOS Children’s Villages as a partner in our mission to ensure vulnerable children a dignified, caring and educational life. Together with them, we support the UN’s World Goals and specifically address World Goals 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 16, which relate to the development of better conditions for children and young people so that they can live up to their full potential and create a bright future for themselves.


MY FOUNDATION has already branched out into charitable projects around the world and has made a significant difference with innovative ideas. Some of our accomplishments to date:

Children's villages

  • Children's village Buru Buru, Kenya, supported by Remee S. Jackman and Mathilde Gøhler with € 62,680 from donations all over the world.
  • Children's village on Zanzibar, Tanzania, supported by Lyne & Lindberg Group with € 50,000.
  • Children's village, Gikongoro, Rwanda, supported by Augustinus Bader with € 50,000.

Other projects

  • Aid project for Syrian refugee children in Jordan supported by Augustinus Bader with € 50.000.
  • We are the future, support song by Remee S. Jackman and the children of Remee S. Jackman and Mathilde Gøhler's children's village Buru Buru, Kenya. All profits go to MY FOUNDATION. Release in 2020.
  • My World, support song for the Children's Climate Summit organized by UNICEF, 2009.
  • A Place to Dream, a photo book by Jens Honoré organized around eight of the UN's 17 World Goals, in collaboration with SOS Children's Villages and funded by MY FOUNDATION founder Christina Rind Helsbro. All profits go to SOS Children's Villages.


  • Establishment of CPH Experience packages and guests for UNICEF's Summer Gala 2019, Prince Albert II's Monte Carlo Gala 2019, AmfAR Gala Cannes 2019, Elton John AIDS Foundation Gala 2019. Profits in excess of € 1,3 million including contributions from our guests.
  • Kids Charity Week created by MY FOUNDATION's Head of Communication and Fundraising, Camilla Natascha Nivaro Holm. Profit of € 5,500 at the first event hosted in two local kindergartens. The goal is to spread the project to kindergartens and nurseries throughout Denmark.


Thank you for your interest in MY FOUNDATION’s charitable work. Please fill out the contact form below and we will contact you shortly.