MY FOUNDATION- A non profit, NGO and charity foundation dedicated to the aid of children and vulnerable families worldwide.“Being a partner in a MY FOUNDATION village community is a way to change the world, child by child. We hope that you will be a part of the change.”

– Remee S. Jackman & Mathilde Gøhler
   Co-founders of MY FOUNDATION

MY FOUNDATION- follow your donation from charity to child

At MY FOUNDATION CHARITY ORGANIZATION we make it easy for you or your company to help vulnerable and orphaned children through CSR activities in the form of earmarked and documentable charitable donations. We have turned the traditional model of charity upside down, and instead of placing your donation in one large bucket of charity, which is then distributed as needed, MY FOUNDATION allows your CSR department to decide exactly where you want to make a difference, and follow your donation from charity to child or development project.

We focus on making it easy for you to communicate your donations and initiatives with partners, family and friends. Then you can both make the world a better place for orphan or vulnerable families, lift your company’s corporate social responsibility strategy and create a more purpose-driven work environment.

My Foundation - an ngo, non profit, charity and child help foundation


As a charity foundation, we focus primarily on helping orphans and vulnerable families. Worldwide, 220 million children grow up without the care they need. That number is expected to rise as a consequence of COVID-19, as many of the primary caretakers in developing countries are grandparents. They are particularly vulnerable during this pandemic, and on top of that they live in sanitary conditions that makes them unable to comply with international recommendations in the fight against COVID-19. It is these children and vulnerable families that we, in collaboration with SOS Children’s Villages child help foundation, work to provide a safe everyday life and a bright future.

My Foundation - an ngo, non profit, charity and child help foundation

Priority Countries

We work with SOS Children’s Villages, the world’s largest non-governmental organization for orphans and children with special care needs, and provide CSR partners for village communities in 135 countries worldwide. By 2020 our seven priority countries are Cambodia, Kenya, Tanzania & Zanzibar, Rwanda, Somaliland, Laos and Ethiopia. So far MY FOUNDATION partners support villages in Kenya, Ethiopia and Rwanda and a special project in Jordan for Syrian children of refugees. Read more about the priority countries here.


Non profit organization examples and cases

MY FOUNDATION has already branched out into charitable projects around the world and has made a significant difference with innovative ideas. Some of our accomplishments to date:


Through us you can support orphans and vulnerable families in four ways:


  • Direct investment in a specific project in a village community or a vulnerable family outside the village community. Examples of projects can be a new water supply, an upgraded playground or workplaces for project families so that they can support themselves.
  • As a PP, you also receive pictures, documentation and reports on your project, which you can communicate to employees and your company's channels.


  • Your support helps to realize MY FOUNDATION's principle that all donations from Project & Village Partners must go undiminished to our cities and projects.
  • In order for this to be possible, all daily operations and administration are found by investors, our so-called FPs, who are a network of committed and successful enthusiasts with the heart in the right place and a desire to make a difference with us.
  • As an FP, you become part of MY FOUNDATION, and you or your company therefore also gets an introduction on the foundation's website and social media, just as you also become part of the foundation's network and invited to our events for major donors.


  • You support the village community’s necessary facilities and give children who would otherwise be left alone on the streets or in abusive homes a second chance in life with a loving SOS mother, new “siblings”, educational schooling, a healthy diet and a bright future in sight.
  • Can earmark money to specific projects in the city – e.g. a new playground, a football field or a computer room and IT teaching.
  • Receive a media package with photo documentation, reporting and communication about your village community.
  • Your own microsite where you can communicate your charitable activities and fundraise for them.
  • Invitation to our events for major donors.


Major donations are not for everyone, but everyone can make a difference. Our mission is to help as many as possible, and we do that best when we stand together and support as much as we can. And in that mission every euro counts.


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