MY FOUNDATION is a charity and a child help foundation, that makes it easy for you and your company to both support orphans and vulnerable families, and strengthen your CSR company strategy trough transparent, earmarked projects and partnerships where you can follow your charitable donations from charity to child or development project.

Support this charity foundation in three different ways

Project Partner

- From EUR 6,500

  • Direct investment in a specific project in a village community or a vulnerable family outside the village community. Examples of projects can be a new water supply, an upgraded playground or workplaces for project families so that they can support themselves.
  • As a Project Partner, you also receive pictures, documentation and reports on your project, which you can communicate to employees and your company's channels.
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Current Project Partnerships

Founding Partner

- From EUR 40,000

  • Your support makes it possible for us to realize MY FOUNDATION's principle that all donations from Project & Village Partners must go directly to our village communities and projects.
  • In order for us to do this, all administration are founded by investors, our so-called FPs, who are a network of committed and successful enthusiasts with a big heart and a desire to make a difference.
  • As an FP, you become part of MY FOUNDATION, and you or your company therefore also get an introduction on the foundation's website and social media. You also become a part of the foundation's network and are invited to our events for major donors.
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Village Partner

- From EUR 50,000

  • You support the village community’s necessary facilities and give children who would otherwise be left alone on the streets or in abusive homes a second chance in life with a loving SOS mother, new “siblings”, educational schooling, a healthy diet and a bright future in sight.
  • Can earmark money to specific projects in the city – e.g. a new playground, a football field or a computer room and IT teaching.
  • Receive a media package with photo documentation, reporting and communication about your village community.
  • Your own microsite where you can communicate your charitable activities and fundraise for them.
  • Invitation to our events for major donors.
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Current Village Partnerships

Current partners

Founding partners

Christina Rind Helsbro, Founder & Chairman of My Foundation - a non profit charity and child help foundation

Christina Rind Helsbro

Christina Rind Helsbro, serial entrepreneur, founding partner and founder of MY FOUNDATION. Co-owner and COO until 2018 for the digital agency Isobar Nordics. Today, Christina is a dedicated business angel and only invests in companies and projects that make the world a greener or better place, such as, Stedsans in The Woods, Eco Beach Camp, Noteable, Frændekilde and Restuarant Alouette.

Donation: 300.000 DKK

Project partners

Augustinus Bader

International beauty brand Augustinus Bader not only helps celebs like Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian look their best. They are also dedicated to the service of the good cause and are one of MY FOUNDATION's biggest supporters. Augustinus Bader is both a Village Partner at the children's village in Gikongoro, Rwanda, and Project Partner at a project in Jordan for Syrian refugee children.

Donation: 375.000 DKK (750.000 DKK total)

Village partners

Mathilde Gøhler and Remee S. Jackman Founders of My Foundation - a non profit charity and child help foundation

Remee S. Jackman & Mathilde Gøhler

MY FOUNDATION's co-founders, music producer Remee S. Jackman and model and influencer Mathilde Gøhler, have since 2014 supported the children's town Buru Buru in Kenya, which they have upgraded with, among other things, dance studio, music school and computer facilities.

Donation: 467.291 DKK

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My Foundation - a non profit charity and child help foundation

Lyne & Lindberg Group

Lyne & Lindberg Group, which is behind the model agency Le Management, Hood Agency and Woods_Copenhagen, is one of MY FOUNDATION's first partners and has since 2019 supported the children's city Unguya on Zanzibar, Tanzania, which they have also been visiting.

Donation: 375.000 DKK

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Augustinus Bader

The award winning skincare brand Augustinus Bader not only helps celebs to look their best. They are also dedicated to the good cause and support both the children's city in Gikongoro, Rwanda, and are also Project Partner on a project in Jordan for Syrian refugee children.

Donation: 375.000 DKK (750.000 DKK total)

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Collaboration partners

AWORK Webbureau

AWORK Webbureau

AWORK is a leading Danish agency who has won prices within their field in the year of 2018, 2020, and 2021. They are managing our SEO and optimizing MY FOUNDATION's website in order to get more exposure.

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Josefine Winding

Josefine Winding

Josefine Winding is a danish sculptor making fascinating art focusing on shape, surface and spatial awareness. Josefine Winding has made several sculptures for My Foundation, which are being sold on the auction called "The Art of Giving Back". The full auction price is donated to My Foundation, and we are very grateful for her amazing effort.

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Nordgreen designs minimalistic designer watches and has an amazing program called "Giving Back". Co-founder of My Foundation, Mathilde Gøhler, has designed a limited edition watch in collaboration with Nordgreen, and for every watch sold a donation is given to My Foundation to provide clean drinking water to children in Kenya

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Simon Mouridsen

Director of photography Simon Mouridsen captured heartwarming and touching moments when Remee S. Jackman and Mathilde Gøhler travelled to Kenya in 2019 to visit the SOS village community Buru Buru, which they support.

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My Foundation - a non profit charity and child help foundation

Jens Honoré

Over the past 10 years, award-winning photographer Jens Honoré has travelled to SOS programmes around the world to document the lives and dreams of people touched by SOS Children’s Villages. Among other things, Jens Honoré’s pictures have benefited the people in SOS programmes by constituting the photo book "A PLACE FOR DREAMS - A sustainable future for children", where all proceeds from the sale were donated to SOS Children's Villages.

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