Become a village partner in Meru, Kenya

Village Partnership - From EUR 50,000

At the foot of Mount Kenya lies the small town of Meru in one of Kenya’s most densely populated areas. The city, located about 280 kilometers north of Nairobi, has an excellent infrastructure and it is easy to get there. But educational opportunities and social facilities are few. However, thanks to the establishment of the SOS village community and an SOS Kindergarten, the social standard of the local population has risen markedly.

Children in Meru

The village community is located on the way to Mount Kenya’s National Park, and consists of 12 family houses, where a total of 154 children live. In the village community there is a doctor, accommodation for SOS aunts (who look after the children when the SOS mothers are on holiday), guest houses, common rooms, a library and an administration and service area. There is also a kindergarten in the village community, which is used by both the SOS children and the local community.

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