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The SOS Children’s Village Phnom Penh in Cambodia is home to a total of 78 children and their SOS mothers. They live in 13 largely identical family houses located side by side around the large, green area in the center of the village community which is the base for the children’s football matches and play. All the family houses in the village community have names after flowers, for example Flowering Lotus.

Children in Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh is the capital of Cambodia. The city is located in the south central part of the country and is home to about 2.2 million people. As an economic center, it is one of the richest cities in the country, therefore many people come out of extreme poverty, but at the same time the inequality between rich and poor has increased markedly. Phnom Penh is in many ways full of contrasts, which also makes it a popular destination for tourists of all types. The city, which is only a few hours drive from some of Asia’s best beaches, has many beautiful buildings in the French colonial style and is in several areas an extremely charming city.

However, there is also a darker side, namely the horrific places where the Khmer Rouge tortured and murdered everyone who came across them: the infamous Tuol Sleng Museum, a former school that under the Khmer Rouge became the largest torture site in the country, and Killing Fields where many of the tortured died.

In the village community, children who cannot live with their biological family receive a safe home, loving care, competent support and an education. Inside the village community there’s a kindergarten and school where both children from the village and local children go. There is also a programme for young people in transition to adulthood where they when they are ready can move from the village community into a youth house, which is an extension of the village community. Here young people live together, and with the support and guidance of a qualified supervisor, they learn to take responsibility, prepare for an independent adult life and make plans for the future.

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