In 2014 our co-founders Remee S. Jackman and Mathilde Gøhler noticed during their first visit to Buru Buru, Kenya, that eventhough the children were happy, healthy and loved they had very little or no facilities to express themselves and discover their unique talents. Being an orphan, this moved Remee.

They therefore decided to do something about it, and have since then raised money to among many other things a music school. And today, six years later, the children of Buru Buru are on Spotify and other music streaming services with their first single, We Are The Future, produced by Remee S. Jackman and his creative team.

All profits from downloads etc. go to support Buru Buru and MY FOUNDATION’s other charitable projects.

My Foundation, a non profit, non governmental organization charity foundation.

Listen and Download

Listen and download the song “We Are The Future” on:


Music Video

How to support

Wanna help? Here is how to make a difference with us.


Text ’H2O’ to 1414, and support our water project in Buru Buru with 75 DKK.


Mobilepay to 161108, and support our water project in Buru Buru with an optional amount.

Larger Donations

Please contact our Fundraising and Communications Manager Camilla Natascha Nivaro Holm,, Direct: +45 21222375

Have any questions? Get in touch!